Thursday, February 24, 2011

Testing Day

The day was finally here for the groups to test their games and see if other people found them enjoyable or not. Our group was happy that we had the final grid game board printed out already, so we didn't have to worry about getting that done for the final product due next week. After different people tried out our board game, we came to the conclusion that there were still a lot of problems with our game. One of the major problems is that our game is very challenging for people who aren't familiar with the game. The force of the flick is hard to master, and the player chip and ball chip tend to go off the board. One of the solutions we came up with is to have the players put their arms at both ends of the goals, so that the player chips or the ball chip won't go off the game board. Another problem that we came up when people were playing our game was they started out not doing so well, mainly due to the fact that our game is based heavily on skill. One of the solutions we came up with to this problem was having a practice mode at the beginning of the game, so players and shoot the ball chip around without being put under pressure. One last problem that we encountered with our game was that the game was a bit too simple. The game didn't really involve using the grid, and that could be a big problem. We came up with an idea to incorporate a defensive player instead of just having an offensive player. The defensive player can help defend his team by moving up to 3 squares on the grid, and this would challenge the player's mentally, as well as physically. Another option we came up with is to add two defensive players instead of one. This would create more movement on the game board and allow for more strategizing among the players.

With all these problems and solutions, we were glad that people got a chance to play our game and give it some feedback. Without other people playing our game, we would have never realized these flaws in our game. Targeting a market is very important and in order for a game to be successful, it needs to be enjoyable and fun for many people and not just one person. The final game product is due next week, and we have a lot to work on, but at the same time we are determined to make this game work out.

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