Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A New Beginning!

Last Wednesday in class, we did something that was quite new to me. My group was very excited to be able to share our game ideas and decide on which game was the best one to develop into a real board game. I've never created a game throughout my entire life, and I have never taken a class where we work collaboratively most of the time. I was excited, yet a bit nervous at what this new experience would be like.

I found each group member's game ideas to be really interesting, and we all got to look at a whole variety of unique ideas from each member of the group. In the end, our group decided to use my game idea! I was surprised and happy that they thought my game idea would be interesting to develop into a real board game. The game is called Golden  Goal, and it involves flicking a soccer chip into a goal. The objective of the game is to try to be the first team to earn 25 points or more to win the game. The amusing thing about the game is that it involves a skill element. Players have to be careful of where they flick the chip because the landing of the chip determines how many points players earn or lose. Even though my game was chosen, my group knew we would have to make a lot of additions and changes to the game. The game needed to be a bit more complicated and clear, so we discussed on how we would make it better. We decided to have the soccer chips represent people, and the goal is to flick the players and try to hit a soccer ball into the other team's net or get the soccer ball into bonus point squares. We are still not sure what other rules and additions to add, but hopefully we will figure it out by this Wednesday.

During the three hours I spent in class, I realized how much I got out of just working with other people. Not only did I get to know my group members better, but I have broadened by knowledge on games and how to deal with trying to come up with a good game idea. I realized how challenging it is to make a game that would be enjoyable for a wide range of people. This class was definitely a nice beginning to a new experience!

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