Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Get our Head into the Game!

Last Wednesday, our group tried out our game, and after doing so, made some necessary changes in order to improve it. We brought in the supplies we planned on using, but found that our original layout was probably not the best possibility. We planned on using a felt board and cutting each square of the grid, then realized that this method not only would be very difficult to duplicate, but it was also hard to make exact measurements by hand. After listening to Professor Goeller explain how to build a grid, we decided to use photoshop to make the board for our game. In making our game less "crafty" and more computerized, it makes it easier to duplicate and easier to make exact measurements. We played around with different photoshop techniques, colors, and designs for the board. We decided on a basic square grid, with a grass design so that it would resemble a soccer field as closely as possible. We were unable to finish the board, so we saved it and will hopefully have it perfected after next class. 

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