Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More and More Collaboration

Today, we focused on working towards the final project of our game. Two of us worked on the mechanics and rules of the game and instead of just sitting down and writing the rules, we used the materials we had available to play the game we've created. We realized that the rules we originally came up with were too detailed and there were too many things that players would be penalized for, which made the game have no flow. So, we decided it'd be best to only penalize players if their player chip lands on any bit of the black squares or is flicked off the board. Futhermore, the only way a player can get a bonus, we decided that they would have to land on the "+1" boxes. While playing the game, we realized that hitting the other players was not a good penalty, it caused too much confusion and we were putting too much detail into it. So, to make the game interesting we decided that players were allowed to hit their opponents and if that player is hit into a penalty box she would have to return to start, but, to that players advantage, if she is hit into a bonus box her team would receive a point. We did this so both teams are engaging in the game at all times and it creates more competition between the two teams. While those two worked on the mechanics, the other two worked on the design of the board using photoshop. We fixed the dimensions of the board to fit the project board we bought. We also added the bonus and penalty boxed to the design. To finish our game, we have to print out the board, glue it to the project board and revise the rules to make sure they make sense to anyone playing Golden Goal.

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